Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sea Doo 3D Di

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One watercraft. Multiple experiences. Countless affronts to boredom.

For attention spans shorter than the distance between two buoys, there's the world's first watercraft with five different riding positions. With a quick, nimble 130 hp Orbital direct-injection engine. Easily changeable from one to the next, choose between KART, MOTO, VERT, KNEE, and SHOQ. Who needs commitment, right?

KART. It's like riding a jet powered go-kart. Circle a small island in KART mode. It'll feel like a high-banked speedway.

MOTO. Ride it like a motocross bike, leaning into liquid turns. Get a face full of water instead of dirt. Do it for an hour or so. Then do something else.

VERT. Ever surf? Ever skate? Doesn't matter. Easily get the feeling of both in a position more stable than old-school stand up, but just as much of a blast.

KNEE. Does a 130-horse kneeboard work for you? A low center of gravity and low-profile seat assure it'll go easy on the, uh, knees.

SHOQ. The special SHOQ insert gives you more control and stability in a VERT-like riding style. Ride as long and far as you please with greater leverage and less fatigue. 

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