Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2010 Renault DeZir Cars

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2010 Renault DeZir car is powered by an electric motor in a mid-rear position to optimize weight distribution over the front and rear wheels. The vertically-mounted 24kW/h lithium-ion battery is located behind the benchseat and provides the car with a range of 160km.

DeZir has most important features of the DeZir is the front-end styling as according to the company, it previews the new front-end identity that is set to become a feature of all Renault models in the near future.

To increase performance and overall range, Renault’s engineers focused on keep the vehicles weight to a minimum. To reach this goal the car was equipped with a Kevlar body, and a tubular steel frame borrowed from the Megane Trophy race car.

For interior layout of the Renault DeZir is clearly split into the driver and passenger zones. The passenger is met with a very clean and smooth dashboard – which is a refreshing change to the overly complicated and increasingly technical interior designs of modern vehicles.

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