Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 BMW 5 Police Series

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BMW has released new 2011 BMW 5 Police Series. The notification means that some of the BMW high-end products should be standard issue police and British women as part of a four-year contract. Although the latest 5-series will complement quite new to most fleets of police, the BMW 330d Sedan Interceptor model that is sure to provoke the greatest interest.

Presented as a high performance vehicle Pursuit, the revised BMW is capable of a reaction role while responding to environmental and operational requirements that all forces should think too much. All the technical details of the car can not be specified for security reasons.

BMW is the only supplier of the production of packages installed special equipment for emergency warning equipment that can be important the support of BMW Service Centres in the UK with a three year warranty from BMW. Generally, vehicles are built by manufacturers must be removed for the installation of this equipment back. 

The answer (reply EMERGENCY SERVICE officially licensed system package) package provides the vehicle with a team of high-level role of emergency service pre-installed that allows for near ” Plug and Play Car “, which greatly reduces the start time and the need for third to start the cut in the vehicle wiring harness.

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