Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mercedes-Benz F800Style Concept Luxury Car

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Mercedes-Benz F800 Sport Concept shows future of luxury vehicles from a new perspective, since the premium sedan, five-seat technology combines high performance training with unparalleled safety and comfort features and a language emotional style that interprets the current Mercedes-Benz online feature of the mark of refined performance characteristics. 

Style F800 features a spacious cabin seats full of intelligent, work and show concepts. Another unique feature of the big sedan is a new multi-platform player that can accommodate electric drive with fuel cells (which range from nearly 375 miles) and the use of plug-in hybrid cars that can run up to 18 miles solely on electricity. 

The two variants of the Mercedes-Benz F800 style concept not available locally emission-free mobility along with a luxury car, while at the same time quite suitable for everyday driving and provides a dynamic driving experience.

Style F800 offers clean fun in the variant equipped with an electric motor based on fuel cell technology. The vehicle's electric motor is developing around 136 hp and a torque of about 214 lb-ft stronger. The fuel cell generates traction current by chemical reaction between hydrogen with oxygen in the vehicle, the production of water vapor in the process of issuing only.

new Mercedes-Benz research vehicle is a fuel cell is located in the front, but a small electric motor is mounted near the rear axle. Lithium-ion battery is located behind the rear seats and is protected as possible against the consequences of accidents, has four tanks of hydrogen.Two tanks are located on the transmission tunnel for passengers, while two others are under the back seat.

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