Friday, April 1, 2011

New 2011 BMW X3 xDrive35i

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Compared to its predecessor, the new BMW X3 is characterized by a significant increase in the comfort of the car and the interior space. exterior length has increased by 83 mm to 4,648 mm with a width of more than 28 mm to 1881 mm and a height of 12 mm to 1661 mm. With these dimensions, it is precisely positioned between the BMW X5 and the BMW X1 compact.

The new BMW X3 xDrive35i comes standard with an automatic transmission of eight reports. This option, which is unparalleled in the competitive environment, is available for the BMW X3 xDrive20d as an alternative to speed gearbox standard six-speed manual. Optionally, the BMW X3 xDrive35i comes with a new sports automatic transmission with shift paddles on the steering wheel. The automatic transmission is combined for the first time with an automatic stop-start. When stopping at intersections or in traffic, the engine shuts down automatically. As the driver releases the brake pedal, the engine restarts. If the Auto Hold feature is activated, a brief touch on the accelerator is sufficient.



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