Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011 Jaguar XF Black Pack

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Jaguar has released new Jaguar XF Black Pack 2011.The new Jaguar XF exclusive Black Pack provides a greater sense of power and purpose of the treaty, after all, the XF, and monitors wheel tracks in a similar option on the XK sports car has attracted strong interest from launched in early 2010.

With menacing dark gray 20-inch alloy wheels Draco diamond polished wheels, a shiny gloss black grille black window surrounds, the Jaguar XF Black Pack is available on the XF Diesel S, a liter naturally aspirated models 5 and XFR , with prices from £ 950.

For added exclusivity and maximum visual impact, the Jaguar XF Black Pack can be specified with a palette of colors chosen by designers for Jaguar, as the polar star white, blue spectrum, Ultimate Black, Stratus Grey, Grey fluids and Lunar Silver, blue and red colors that are unique salsa Kyanite for XFR. 

For an even more spectacular, Black Pack can be combined with the aero package is launched XF XF Diesel S in early 2010. This package includes a new front bumper profile, striking black mesh inserts for the grille and lower air intakes and lower body muscle XFR.

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