Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2012 Mercedes Benz C Class

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Mercedes Benz C Class 2012 in spring 2011 and is a global modernization. Front and back of this best-selling model is the most eye-catching design. Now, high-color display equipment, elegant new bridge, a rough surface and a visible decorative trim highlights the premium character of the interior.

2012 Mercedes C-Class is the best-selling model series from Mercedes-Benz. The current series has been well over a million buyers worldwide since its launch in March 2007 (98 000 sales in the United Kingdom).

Since the introduction of the first 2012 Mercedes C class in 1982 (then known as Model 190), Mercedes-Benz has sold more than 8.5 million vehicles in total in this segment. In 2010 also the 2012 Mercedes C-Class repeatedly won top rankings in the registration statistics.

The aerodynamics of the 2012 Mercedes C-Class is a registered trademark of the effectiveness of the helmet. With a Cd figure of 0.26 refers not only to his class, but also slips through the wind better than most compact cars with sliding area of Cd x A = 0.57 m

Improvement up to 31 per cent was achieved in fuel consumption, and all 2012 Mercedes C-Class models feature to launch the ECO start / stop is standard. All engine options are now classified as unit BlueEFFICIENCY, which shows they are particularly efficient and environmentally friendly fuel they use. In future, all versions of the automatic function of the further development of PLUS 7G-TRONIC

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