Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New 2011 Renault FRENDZY Concept

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Renault has released New 2011 Renault FRENDZY Concept details and photos. 2011 Renault FRENDZY Concept is described as a ‘multi-faced firend’ that could help customers in both their professional and personal lives. Axel Breun, Design Director at Renault asserted “RENDZY is the must-have vehicle for flexibility and versatility. It’s efficient and modern as a work tool, yet sporting and warmly welcoming for the family”.


A few of the features that describe the new Renault FRENDZY on the outside include the lack of a center pillar, centre opening doors about the driver’s side plus the car features just one conventional door about the passenger’s side, and something sliding door that incorporates a 37 inch widescreen display.

At the interior the Renault FRENDZY is packed with innovations, for example a BlackBerry PlayBook which controls the 37 inch digital screen, magnetic fixings on the floor, a fabric roof that adapts towards the shape of the objects which are loaded, a slate board on which children can drive on along with a touch-sensitive pad which could slide from the front towards the rear where passengers can view movies or play games.

The Renault FRENDZY measures 4,09 m in length, 1,872 m in width and a pair of,172 m tall, with propulsion enabled by a 60 HP (44 kW) electric motor backed with a lithium ion battery pack. According to Renault this idea can travel in a maximum speed of 130 Km/h, without specifyinghow long it may travel before needing to recharge. 


Because of its electric powertrain, the Renault FRENDZY continues to be equipped with a system that emits various sounds to be able to alert passengers. These sounds have been in accordance with the car’s utility, which could alternate from family to business.

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