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2014 Bentley Flying Spur

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Bentley Flying Spur new styling sets a new character design for Bentley sedan performance. Directions elegantly reflected lower, wider appearance with sharp lines and plump soft surface. A lower roof line, deeply sculpted panels, precise feature lines and a muscular rear haunch give the Flying Spur a more aggressive stance and powerful dynamic profile.

Front fender vent has a striking new wing complete with Bentley "B" elegant motif. From here, the line runs extra features form a sharply defined edge of the front wheels to the rear bumper, underlining the dynamic character of the shape.

In front of the car, chrome grille is more upright sitting between pairs of LED lights like jewels. Emphasizing the lower, wider stance, the outer lamps are the larger of the two. Under the front grille, lower intake now full width without vertical division, but with horizontal chrome accents that complement the dramatic face new Flying Spur.

At the rear, longer and lower boot lid lend the appearance of a more sweeping side profile. Horizontal elliptical LED tail lights sole combines with a new interpretation of Bentley "Horse Shoe" features the line, now runs the full width of the car and encapsulating graceful concave section.

The bonnet and front fenders are built in aluminum, with fender shaped using techniques superforming aerospace-industry, using compressed air to form a sheet alloy is heated to the required shape at more than 500 ° C. Extremely clean lines with sharp fingers and light-weight components results, providing new Flying Spur Bentley clearly a front end with a closed line very fast.

The new door structures are completely redesigned with fewer individual parts for improved quality and refinement. Optimization of the door is realized through efficient use of materials contributes to a much better kinematics door and feel. Meanwhile, further weight savings achieved through craft bootlid in polymer composite materials that also integrates the main antenna for car electronic systems.

Design, manufacturing processes exterior and careful choice of materials combine to deliver optimized bodyshell is not just muscle and clean, with minimal shutlines, but also one that is doing very well on the road. With torsional stiffness of 36,500 Nm / degree, an increase of 4% from the previous generation of Flying Spur, the new bodyshell provides a very rigid platform for chassis components and a stable basis for NVH reduction. 

Slim shape also has outstanding aerodynamic properties for a large sedan, the overall drag coefficient is only 0.29 and the subsequent benefits of emission performance.

Weight savings in the structure of the body and the whole car means that the new Flying Spur 50 kg lighter than the first-generation car, although additional corrective measures, improved technology specifications and stronger structure.

Completing the interior crafts, Flying Spur is equipped with carefully selected state-of-the-art, both for the driver and passenger. Infotainment centrally controlled via a high-resolution 8 "touch screen interface, complete with an advanced satellite navigation system and Bluetooth connectivity Bentley, while infotainment features can be controlled by voice activation.

Eight channel, eight-speaker audio system featuring Balanced Mode Radiator technology for optimal sound clarity and frequency range can play music from the on-board hard drive, CD, DVD, SD card and via the iPod. The Naim® for Bentley Premium Audio System, featuring a redesigned separate subwoofer to enhance the bass extension and 1100 Watts of power, is available as an option for those who wish for the ultimate audio experience in the car.

Rear seat passengers have access to a vast array of infotainment technology. A new remote Touch Screen (TSR), deployed from the housing in the rear console with the touch of a button, allowing passengers to control a variety of different systems. From climate control and seat heating and ventilation through satellite navigation systems and multimedia, TSR means passengers can interface with the car from the comfort of their seats.

Customers who want to work on the move can be ordered with the new Flying Spur a new Multi-Media Specifications. This center is Bentley Connectivity Unit (BCU) which allows portable devices, laptop and tablet computers to connect to the internet via own car Wi-Fi hotspots with an active SIM and includes 64 GB of internal storage capacity. 

Two 10 "LCD screen mounted on the backs of the front seats, while the top-loading multimedia players sit in a pocket mounted on the bottom, which allows users to load and enjoy videos, photos and music content from the DVD, SD card, USB devices including iPod and iPads, and HDMI devices.

Each rear passengers can see the separate content, or stream media from the BCU. A USB port charging kept fresh, and the headphone cable connection port complement, which allows music and internet radio to be played directly through the BCU. Bentley wireless headphones for the most complete specifications in the rear seat infotainment


As the most powerful Bentley engine, 6.0-liter, twin turbocharged, 48-valve W12 is a natural choice to power the fastest four-door Bentley ever. Now deliver 625 PS (616 hp) at 6000 rev / min and 800 Nm surprising (£ 580 ft) of torque from just 2000 rev / min, the W12 has recently experienced a complete engine management system upgrade to the latest ME17 Bosch interface.

 Increased torque management, turbocharger control, driveability and emissions performance of all the results of the adoption and optimization of the new system, with a resulting increase in low-speed response.

Coupled with the W12 is the eight-speed automatic transmission, quick-shifting very latest from ZF. All Bentley models now feature state-of-the-art gearbox. Delivering seamless and invisible shift under 200 milliseconds, the gearbox is not only designed to handle the torque output mighty W12 but also to ensure a smooth and refined power delivery to the wheels. 

A set of optimized gear ratios remain the engine in a variety of the most efficient operation under light load and when sailing, contributing to an overall improvement in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by more than 13 percent over the outgoing model. 

New Bentley Flying Spur provide combined cycle fuel economy of 19.2 mpg (14.7 liters / 100 km) and CO2 emissions of 343 g / km - an impressive figure for a 12-cylinder ultra-luxury, high-performance sedan.

Transmission feeds power to all four wheels through an all-wheel drive system of the famous Bentley. With a standard torque split of 60 percent to the rear wheels and 40 percent to the front, but the ability to vary this division up to 85 percent to the rear axle or 65 percent to the front depending on available traction, which flew Spur drivetrain ensures optimal grip regardless of road conditions or the prevailing weather.

Guarantee given by a sure-footed set-up means that the driver can spread the spirit of all the available power and torque are controlled cars and reliable, in almost any condition.


Vehicle Type                          : front-engine, 4-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan
Engine Type                          : twin-turbocharged DOHC 48-valve W-12, aluminum block and heads, direct fuel injection
Displacement                         : 366 cu in, 5998 cc
Power                                     : 616 hp @ 6000 rpm
Torque                                   : 590 lb-ft @ 2000 rpm
Transmission                         : 8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode

Wheelbase                              : 120.7 in
Length                                    : 208.5 in
Width                                     : 77.8 in 
Height                                     : 58.6 in
Curb weight (C/D est)           : 5500 lb
Performance (C/D EST)       : Zero to 60 mph: 4.1 sec
  Standing ¼-mile: 12.5 sec
  Top speed: 200 mph
Fuel Economy                        : EPA city/highway driving: 12/20 mpg

Base Price : $206,225


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