Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Fiat Uno

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2011 Fiat Uno come with new concept and bold lines and also comes with all attributes that will make it a new success story. The new Fiat Uno concept also provides unprecedented for its segment: the heated windscreen with misting function. This element, when activated, can take up to three minutes to defog the windshield completely. After this time, the function is automatically disabled.

The new Fiat Uno will be available in four finish versions, all with four doors – two with 1.0 engine and two with 1.4 engine – and keeps the name of one of the most successful versions of the hatchback: the Way model. In all of them, the consumer can be sure that he/she will find a modern, bold car with excellent engines and lots of personality. They are: Uno Vivace 1.0 Flex, Uno Way 1.0 Flex, Uno Attractive 1.4 Flex, and Uno Way 1.4 Flex.

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