Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fiat Mio FCC III Concept

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Feature a zero-emission drivetrain comes in new fiat concept The Fiat Mio FCC III, The Fiat Mio FCC III concept car will come in Sao Paulo Motor Show in October 2010. Fiat will be show  two potential designs for the final concept car, ‘Precision’ and ‘Sense’, both based on ideas and suggestions submitted to Fiat by customers/fans through the Mio FCC III microsite.

Tell about a zero-emission drivetrain featutes, this features unique lighting at the front and rear, possibly with an LED or soft flourescent rendition of the Fiat logo.  Inside, the two seater could be either a bench or have independent seats, with a unique touchscreen embedded into the dash.

Fiat Mio Designer show the Mio initiative last year as a way of connecting with their Brazilian consumer base.  At the moment, 15,200 members have registered on the site, with many sending in suggestions for the car.

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