Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 Kia Cadenza

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The Cadenza name is derived from an Italian musical term used to describe an elaborate, ornamental flourish for a concerto or aria. It perfectly symbolizes the dynamic sedan's striking design philosophy and upscale image. 

The 4965 mm long Kia Cadenza will take over the role of large luxury sedan for the Kia marque from the 10-year old Opirus ('Amanti' in some markets) and is destined to totally transform Kia's sales performance in the D2 segment.

Contemporary looks, premium quality and a unique ambience 
Inside, the new Kia Cadenza is every bit as stylish and sophisticated as the exterior promises. The interior is dominated by the treatment of the futuristic 'floating' dashboard that highlights Kia's innovative design approach.

A 'welcome' system turns on the exterior puddle and interior lights to 'greet' the car owner, while the interior mood lighting strip, which runs across the two-tier dashboard and all around the door trims, creates a warm ambience within the vehicle. An additional large mood lamp, which runs down the center of the cabin ceiling, is available.

Dual-zone climate control air-conditioning is standard, and other high-tech 'comfort & convenience' features include keyless entry and an engine 'start' button, RPAS reversing sensors, a reversing safety camera with interior mirror display screen and a powered extension for the driver's seat cushion.

Less weight, more performance and better fuel-economy for new sedan
Kia's new front-wheel drive 'Type-N' platform makes its first appearance in Kia Cadenza and will be utilized in other Kia models in the future. The lighter (and stronger) bodyshell, together with all-new suspension systems, helped Kia Cadenza to achieve a weight loss of up to 130 kg, compared with the previous Opirus - even though the new model has numerous additional features.

As part of Kia's drive to increase sales in the large sedan segment, the new Kia Cadenza will be manufactured with a total of three gasoline engines - with different engines being available around the world to best suit local legal requirements. Power outputs will range from 165 ps to 290 ps and all models will feature front-wheel drive and Kia's all-new six-speed automatic transmission.

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