Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 Kia KV7 Concept

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Conceived as a modern-day "activity MPV", the KV7 was designed by Kia's California design team to challenge the notion that MPVs are strictly for family transportation. KV7 reveals a vision for a vehicle with the functionality to transport a large number of people, and their belongings, while also serving as a connected social hub for groups of friends and adventure-seekers.

Modern, Confident Exterior
The lounge-like interior is accessed by a striking passenger-side gullwing door which, when opened with the pillar-less front passenger door, provides extraordinarily convenient access. It also allows the vehicle to open up to the outside world and become the sociable hub of an outdoor event.

Open, Relaxed Interior
The simple yet sophisticated theme is brought to life inside the Kia KV7 Concept through its modern colour palette featuring soft beige and green tones and the use of unique seat and surface materials. The KV7 utilizes a variety of unconventional textures, including reclaimed teak wood flooring and sustainable wool and felt materials help to foster a warm and inviting atmosphere.

When the Kia KV7 Concept's push button start is engaged, the entire front dash moves more than six inches toward the driver, bringing all controls within easy reach, including the large multi-use display which integrates infotainment, climate and navigation systems in one simple-to-use interface controlled by a trackball mouse mounted in the dash.

Rear passengers have their own, separate interface in the form of a floating tabletop touch-screen computer display. The KV7 is Wi-Fi enabled, providing both the front and rear displays with internet capabilities and the ability for multiple passengers to connect their smart phones to the vehicle at one time and sign on to social networking sites.

Building on the experimental use of LED lighting elements found on the exterior, the Kia KV7 Concept's interior also features multiple flush-to-the-floor accent illumination points and standout green LED lighting throughout the front dash, instrument panel and rear display area to compliment the vehicle's colour palette.

The final element that separates the Kia KV7 Concept from the rest of the MPV crowd can be found under the hood - the concept is powered by Kia's new Theta II 2.0-litre GDI turbocharged engine, as found in the new U.S. spec Optima saloon. Capable of delivering up to 285 hp and mated to a six-speed automatic transmission it delivers V6-type power and performance while enhancing fuel efficiency.

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